Consultation for Succession Matters

We provide consultation related to succession matters such as the following with our team of succession lawyers:

  1. Will writing – Online Will, Customised / Offline Will, Joint Will, Mirror Will
  2. Trust Creation
  3. Estate Planning
  4. Business Succession
  5. Executorship
  6. Obtaining Probate
  7. Succession Certificate
  8. Letter of Acceptance
  9. Litigation Matters
  10. Gift deed
  11. Family Settlement


  • • These are customised services.
  • • Our Will Lawyers can advise you over the phone or meet you in person at our office with prior appointment.
  • • We shall require details and/or documents for providing our consultation. We shall require scrutiny of documents and your file.
  • • Consultation shall be charged on hourly basis.
  • • Our fees shall be based on time & efforts.
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