Will Executorship

Many-a-times, families face hassles in distribution of wealth as per the legal Will due to lack of understanding, inexperience, ignorance of laws/processes/practices resulting in delays, block of assets/wealth, etc. To avoid such instances and to expedite transfer of assets as per the wishes in the Will, it is recommended to appoint an executor who has sufficient knowledge about such matters. Willjini offers Will Executorship services for smooth distribution of assets as per the Will.


  • • We provide Executorship services.
  • • Our professional team of lawyers, company secretaries and accountants can assist with distribution of assets, wealth as per wishes mentioned in the Will.
  • • Separate contract for Executorship is entered into between Will Testator and Willjini.
  • • As an executor we shall obtain Probate from court of law, if required.
  • • We shall provide a dedicated team to expedite the process of transfer of assets.
  • • This service is based on time & efforts of our professionals and our fees will be mutually decided accordingly.
  • • Any professional services to be provided by us post estate planning will be at an additional cost.
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