Joint Will

In India we have seen most families keep asset ownerships in the joint names (mostly co-owned by husband and wife). As per the law, the joint assets are owned by both individuals hence both individuals i.e. husband & wife should make a Will – either two separate Wills or one single Joint Will. Willjini offers Joint Will writing services most suitable to husband & wife where they have similar wishes for wealth distribution after demise i.e. firstly to surviving spouse and after demise of both - to kids or family or relatives or friends or charity in a specified manner. Hence Joint Will is ideal for couple having same wishes for their succession planning.


  • • It is an offline customized service to draft one combined - Joint Will of Husband & Wife
  • • Willjini’s team of Will Lawyers will draft a Will specifically as per your requirements
  • • All communication and exchange of information will be done via phone, email and courier as per customer choice without any personal meeting / visit
  • • Each personal visit will be chargeable as an additional cost depending upon time, efforts and location.
  • • Draft Will to be sent via Email or Hand Delivery or Courier, as per the instructions of the client.
  • • If client provides proper and timely information, the process is likely to take about a week’s time.
  • • More suitable to special cases OR people who are not computer friendly or can just access basic email process
  • • Price Rs. 15,000/= + 18% GST
Buy Now at ₹15,000

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