Mirror Will

Mirror Will is conventional and the most popular method of Will writing. Mirror Will is when husband and wife both write their separate Wills under which they both bequeath their wealth to each other in a reciprocal manner. These are two separate customised Wills of Husband and Wife giving (bequeathing) properties to each other prepared by our team of lawyers offline. It is ideal for husband and wife when they wish to give everything to their spouse and allow spouse to decide further course if one partner pre-deceases.


  • • It is an offline customized service to draft Two separate Wills for Husband and Wife to give (bequeath) assets, properties to each other
  • • Willjini’s team of Will Lawyers will draft a Will specifically as per your requirements
  • • All communication and exchange of information will be done via phone, email and courier as per customer choice without any personal meeting / visit
  • • Each personal visit will be chargeable as an additional cost depending upon time, efforts and location.
  • • Draft Will to be sent via Email or Hand Delivery or Courier, as per the instructions of the client.
  • • If client provides proper and timely information, the process is likely to take about a week’s time.
  • • Price Rs. 15,000/= + 18% GST - payment upfront
Buy Now at ₹15,000

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