Estate Planning for Individual / Family

Estate Planning is a detailed exercise conducted by Willjini’s team of CA, CS, Lawyers covering the following aspects that are to be considered for Estate Planning:

  • a. Status of each family member – major/minor, nationality, tax status
  • b. Ownership status of all the immovable properties of the family
  • c. Ownership and Management of each of the business of the family
  • d. History of decision on ownership structure basis
  • e. Tax files of each family member
  • f. Business Succession thoughts and status
  • g. Future goals of Head as well as family members
  • h. Possible documents – Will, Trust, Gist deeds, Family Settlement, change in business ownership, change in business management


  • • Ideal for business owners with multiple immovable properties and wealth size of Rs. 25 Crore and above
  • • Exercise takes about 2 month time for discussion, study of documents, advise plans and final documentation
  • • Willjini provides end-to-end service for all Indians residing across India and abroad
  • • Willjini has a team of experts into legal, tax, compliances and succession matters
  • • Fees are based on time & efforts, usually Rs. 3 lacs onwards.
  • • Send us an email at or call us at (+91) 02226839651-/ 52-/ 53 or (+91) 8767404044 //(+91) 9321671899 //(+91) 9321937144.
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