Will Custodianship

Many-a-times people are not sure about safe-keeping of their signed Will due to various reasons such as:

  1. Difficulty for the family in tracing your Will after your demise.
  2. Easy access to the Will by some family members accidently, whereas you want to keep it confidential.
  3. Possible manipulation by family for self-gain after your demise.

We provide safe custody of your singed Will under a separate contract with you on following terms:


  1. Willjini to keep your original signed Will in our safe custody at an annual cost.
  2. Separate contract to be singed.
  3. Annual cost of Rs. 2,000/= + GST per Will.
  4. We provide you a laminated certificate mentioning that a Will signed by you is in our custody and names of beneficiaries who can approach us to take the custody of Will for legal execution after your demise.
Buy Now at ₹2,000

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