Obtaining Probate / Succession Certificate / LOA

Willjini provides all succession related services such as Obtaining Probate/Succession Certificate and Legal Heir certificate. Generally, it takes 6-12 months’ time. This service is based on time & efforts of our professionals and our fees will be mutually decided accordingly.

Succession Certificate / Letter of Administration –

  • • It is obtained from court if a person dies without leaving a Will.
  • • Succession Certificate can be obtained from court to release movable properties like debts and securities, it is similar like nomination.
  • • Letter of Administration is to be obtained by legal heirs for transfer of movable and immovable properties
  • • It is issued by civil courts like High Court / District courts as per last residence of the deceased person.
  • • It establishes the authenticity of the heirs and gives them the authority to inherit debts, securities and other assets that the deceased may have left behind.

Legal heir certificate –

  • • If the head or a member of the family expires, the next direct legal heir of the deceased such as their wife or husband or son or daughter or mother may apply for legal heir certificate for the purpose of transferring Electricity connection, House Tax, Telephone connection/patta transfer, Bank Account, etc.
  • • If the deceased was a Government servant, legal heir certificate is issued for sanction of family pension, and for getting appointment on compassionate grounds.
  • • A legal heir certificate is issued by government to establish relationship for claims relating to Insurance, pension, retirement benefits or service benefits of central and state government departments, Government undertakings etc.

Probate –

  • • A Probate is a copy of the Will certified under the seal of the civil court of the competent jurisdiction. It is nothing but a decree passed by a competent court declaring the legality/correctness and genuineness of the Will of the deceased.
  • • It is the official evidence of the executor’s right to administer the estate of the deceased person.
  • • A Probate can be granted only to the executor mentioned under a Will. In the absence of the Executor being named in the Will, the Legatees or the Beneficiaries under the Will could also seek probate of the Will.
  • • In case no executor is mentioned or one refuses to be the executor, then an application needs to be made to the court for appointment of an executor before the application for a probate.
  • • It cannot be granted to any person who is a minor or is of unsound mind, nor to any association of individuals unless it is a company that satisfies the conditions prescribed by the rules made by the State Government.


  1. Send your requirement via email or call
  2. We shall provide you with our quote based on facts / location
  3. We shall obtain documents from client and process through our court associates at respective location
  4. Drafting of petition and Payment of court fees
  5. Filing of petition, affidavits of family / witnesses, consents, court appearances
  6. Final Order
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