Will Preparation in India

Once you are aware of Why to make a WILL, What is a WILL – next you may wish to know How to make a WILL, we suggest the following options:

  • We suggest that one should gather information from various sources and take the decision to make a Will and also make-up his mind about how he wants to distribute his properties
  • A Will can be made by a person himself / herself in a simple language without any legal assistance.
  • A Will is to be written or typed, with details including personal details, mental soundness, family details, property details, bequeath details and details of both witnesses.
  • Make your Will when you are mentally sound, without any fear, force or coercion. 
  • Invite two witnesses and you have to sign on all the pages in presence of both witnesses, let both the witnesses also sign on all pages. This document is your Legal Will.
  • One may take assistance of a family member or a professional like a lawyer, wealth advisor for drafting a Will as well as to get guidance / tips.
  • WillJini.com offers an on-line Will Writing Application which assists you to write your legal Will in 30 minutes. No need to meet anyone, no calls, no emails, no one will know that you have made a Will and no one will know what you have mentioned in your WILL. It is 100% confidential.
  • WillJini.com’s on-line Will Writing App is a unique product which is developed by its legal and software development team with more than a year’s efforts. This on-line Will Writing App and Will generated from it at Willjini.com is approved by succession services expert lawyers and reputed law firms.
  • WillJini.com with its group company LegalJini.com provides you services of experienced lawyers who can advise and assist you for succession related services as well as drafting of Customized  Will.
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