What is a WILL?

It is necessary for an individual to know the basic concept as to “What is a Will” and clear all the myths prevailing in the minds of people like educated adults / professionals / businessmen and others.

  • A Will should be made by any individual – male or female who owns any property (whether  big or small) like a flat, bank account, insurance policy, shares, provident fund, gratuity, postal deposit, jewellery etc. 

  • A Will is nothing but a written document containing a set of instructions to distribute your properties after you die, as per your wishes which could be your to your family - parents, spouse, children, needy friends / relatives / servants, charity, etc.

  • A Will does not require any stamp paper; it can be made on plain paper.

  • A Will can be made in any language which is known to the person.

  • A Will can be hand-written or typed.

  • A Will requires basic details like your personal details, details of your family, details of your own properties / assets and details of your wishes for distribution of properties / assets.

  • A Will requires your signature and also attestation / signature of any two witnesses when you sign your Will.

  • Registration or Notary of a Will is not compulsory; you may do so if you wish to.

  • Will can be kept at any safe place – home, safe deposit locker, with friend / relative / lawyer or executor of Will.