Other Legal Assistance

Willjini offers other legal drafting services such as:

  1. Gift Deed

    Distribution of assets during your lifetime to your loved ones is a Gift Deed. A Gift can be given to any person such as - spouse, parents, kids, relatives, friends or charity. Immovable assets are required to be done in writing and registered Gift Deed duly paid stamp duty and compliance of income tax laws.

  2. Family Settlement

    A Family Settlement is an understanding between family members which is done mostly to resolve disputes or to take some actions within family for transfer of assets or to fix responsibilities or common decision for family. Such Family Settlement is written and registered document when done properly it is accepted at all courts and income tax authorities.

  3. Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney is a document when a person gives his rights to someone within family or outside person when person is unable to do certain acts due to his illness or travelling away etc. Such document is important and can be made anytime and cancelled anytime. Through this document all types of transactions for buy, sell, lease of properties or banking or any other transactions.

  4. Living Will

    Living Will is now legal in India which has to be done before court with a clear instruction to family to avoid life support system at brain dead situation with required medical expert written advise and order by court to remove support system.

  5. Immovable Property Transfer / Lease documents

    Drafting of Sale Deed, Lease Deed, Leave & License Agreement for flat, bunglow, house, land, building, factory, Warehouse.

  6. Company / Partnership Firm / LLP related legal documents

    Drafting of documents related to incorporation of company, LLP or Partnership firm.

We provide safe custody of your singed Will under a separate contract with you on following terms:


  • • They are offline customised professional services provided by our team of experts – CA, CS, lawyers
  • • Service delivery and schedule is based on location and efficiency in providing details/information
  • • Our fees are based on time & efforts based on mutually agreeable terms
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