NRI Will in UAE

Wills in the UAE: A brief overview

Why make a Will?

The interpretation of inheritance laws and how they are applied by the UAE courts is a matter that concerns many of us as expatriates.

The key questions seem to be:
  • Whether the inheritance and intestacy laws of India, our home country, prevail over the UAE’s local processes, which follow the principles of Sharia.
  • Whether U.A.E law is applicable only to UAE nationals, or to all Muslims, or even to all expatriates irrespective of nationality and religion.
General Laws about Will by NRI

As an individual you may be holding movable and/or immovable properties at country where you are residing presently as well as in India. So technically you need to prepare Will which is legal for both countries as per respective succession laws and accordingly you may have to prepare two separate Wills, one Will for your properties in India and other Will for properties in the country where you are residing presently. We wish to educate a very basic understanding for the cross-country law in succession so that your Will decisions are in line with applicable laws and your legal heirs get properties smoothly as per your wishes. This may take just 5 minutes of your to read and understand.