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All religions including Humanism believe in the principle of Giving Back or Donation or Charity.

Willjini would like to prompt you about your wishes to Give Back to the Society in kind or cash when you have earned monetary and physical health from this Society. You may have thought of helping the needy by keeping your eyes alive even after you take exit for your journey towards Godhead. You may have to add a clause in your Will about your wishes to Give Back by way of organ/body donation or charity for needy people for food/education/medical or development of poor in society or national development or construction of religious temples/institutes.

Willjini is trying to create awareness like many other NGOs and institutes working for better society. Willjini is not connected or associated with any orgnisation or body however Willjini will feel proud for doing a 'bit for Society' if Will Writers decide to do something for society.

There are many ways to Give Back which includes doing something for people known within your own knowledge, we hereunder give you few objectives and few organistions doing it, however one can find more such organization within India and get satisfied before you decide :

One Human can Give smile and happiness to more than 8 persons by Organ Donation, its true humanity call for all of us, think and act now to do your bit for Organ Donation in the event of death or brain dead situation of self, any close relative or even known person where you can advise or suggest such a noble cause. is proud to be part of Awareness campaign for 'Organ Donation' by various institutions. has a dedicated team to do all efforts toward Give Back awareness, assisting Individuals for required information for registration and take pro-active actions in associations with hospitals, Govt agencies and NGOs to do its bit for this noble cause to give Happiness of New Life to needy people all over India.'s Give Back initiative is driven by a vision to prompt an individual who is making a Will to decide about his wishes to Give Back to society including Organ or Body Donation. Founder Mr. Jatin Popat assisted by his young son 18 years of age, Mr. Jugal Popat and his family including mother of 85 years, wife and son have registered for Organ Donation (for brain dead situation) as well as Eye, Skin & Body Donation (after death). was also part of awareness seminar conducted by Kokilaben Ambani Hospital on Organ Donation Day on 11th August 2014 and efforts of Willjini's towards Organ Donation Awareness by young team was well appreciated by none other than Mrs. Tina Anil Ambani, Founder of and senior doctors.

Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai

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Mrs. Tina Anil Ambani and panel of Doctors as well as Founder of personally appreciated Mr. Jugal Popat of Willjini on 11th August 2014 on Organ Donation Awareness seminar at Kokitaben Ambani Hospital.

Recently Bollywood actor Aamir Khan pledged to donate his organs on Maharashtra Cadaver Organ Donation Day held on 27th March 2014, at K.E.M Hospital, where he signed the donation card that stated,"I Aamir Khan .Age 49,son of Tahir Hussain Khan.Resident of Mumbai. Hereby unequivocally authorize the removal of following organs or any other suitable organ of my body after my death viz. Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Heart, Pancreas, intestine, Eyes, Skin, Ear Drum, Heart Valve, Bone.

A well-known Hospital of Mumbai having facility of organ and body donation department has informed that Organs are used to transplant in other needy by which though you may have returned to Godhead but your eyes and other organs are still on earth for happiness of someone who were deprived. It is fact that one person's organ donation can save 8 lives. There are more than 1,50,000 persons awaiting for kidney transplant similarly other organs too have large waiting list.

Similarly, a body donated is a blessing for Medical Students since from one body atleast 2000 medical students can learn real anatomy of human body and accordingly become experts to serve human being for faster and proper treatments via surgery.

We suggest that if you wish to donate your organs or body after your demise, you may clearly mention in your Will, you may also inform your spouse or kids for same and you may register for such donation at nearest available hospitals, NGOs within your residential locality for donation of organs or whole-body. Generally Govt / Civil Hospitals can provide you this facility or can help you to guide for nearest such institute.

There are many organizations in India which can guide you for organ/body donations, few are:

The society consist of various categories of humans where some are extremely wealthy due to family richness or for their lifetime earning where as some are very poor from birth till death. There are disparity in wealth distribution. There are many NGOs or bodies which work for the upliftment of needy and poor families. At the time of your Will, you may consider your wish/decision to donate in any form to any needy that you may know within your known circle, society or you may donate to organizations like:

There are national building programs by Government of India and any person can join that development monetarily by donating to such fund. This is a personal feeling of each individual and accordingly he/she may consider while writing a Will so that Executor/close family members can take actions as per your wishes.

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