Registration of Will

Though Registration of a Will is not mandatory it may be important to note that:-
Many a time when assets, properties, wealth of an individual who is writing a Will includes many immovable properties, land, etc. where it is advisable to register a Will to provide strength of genunity, authenticity in future when family has doubts or arguments.

If Some person writing a Will assumes that a particular close family member could create undue legal hassle for his/her own benefit to achieve large pie than what is mentioned in Will, then it may also be advisable to register a Will when you feel a likely ‘dispute’ which may be created by a close family member.

Registration of Will is a simple process wherein a person who has already signed the Will in presence of two witnesses can decide and register the signed original Will anytime during his/her life time at the Sub-Registration office within residential location. There is no time limit for registration (like 4 months for immovable properties). The Registration of Will is completely free, except for some actual expenses of basic photocopy/scanning charges by Registry. To register a Will the following is required when visiting the Sub-Registrar office:

  1. Original signed Will and physical presence of Testator [person who made Will]
  2. Latest date Doctor Certificate [click here to see sample of certificate]
  3. One photo identity proof of Testator
  4. One residence address proof of Testator
  5. Two witnesses for registration – these witnesses can be different from people who have signed as witnesses in Will
  6. One photo identity proof both Witnesses
  7. Two photographs of Testator as well as both witnesses who are physically accompanying Testator for Registration

Willjini can assist you for registration through its network of Registration Associates all India. Presently we offer Registration Services at all locations in India based on location and efforts of our associates to provide you guidance and assistance for registration of Will. Minimum cost of Rs 7000 plus GST.

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